Ramadan comes with a drastic change in our sleeping and eating routines. Unlike any other month, we are not having three meals a day and a major chunk of our day is spent fasting. This can, in turn, distort our daily routine and how we divide our daily duties throughout the day. Ironically, we desis also tend to put up a significant amount of weight during this 29/30 day period. This may be due to the fact that fasting makes us not want to exert as much as we usually do. Researches show that giving up on physical exercise and fitness in this month reduces our fitness and strength. So, staying active throughout this time period is absolutely essential.

Believe it or not but this month is a perfect opportunity to lose weight and that too through healthier means. Even when working out, remember to eat right. It is imperative. Some people like to workout before iftar while others like to do it after it. Well, we consulted Pakistan’s famous Dietitian/Nutritionist Yumna Chattha to get some answers.

“Practically speaking it should be done after Iftaar. Have dinner right after offering namaz e Maghrib and after 2 hours you can go for 30-40 minutes of workout,” she said.

Even though scientists also suggest working out a little while before breaking the fast, some people are completely drained of energy by that time. This makes the option to work out after iftar a better one for such people.

“Do it 5 days a week and give rest to your body on weekends so that it can replenish its energy,” says Yumna

She suggests that it’s better if the workout is not extremely intense. Ramadan is not a time to set such goals when you are already going through a big shift in your routine. Even if one maintains their fitness and activity, that would be enough.

“Even if it’s regular cardio, it will help in losing weight. A brisk walk would be enough too.”

According to Yumna, having a protein-based meal post-workout is very important. For this, soups are a very good option as they provide you with all the necessary nutrients and are not heavy on your stomach too.

“PROPER HYDRATION is extremely important before a workout which is why you should be consuming a detox drink right after you break the fast,” she further guided

Yumna emphasises on working out 2 hours after you have had a proper meal and she says it is absolutely essential that you let your body rest on the weekends. Don’t overburden yourself, get on board with something which will not over exhaust you after you have been doing house chores all day. There are tons of people sharing their Ramadan workout videos which will help you decide which ones you can easily do.

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AimFit has a very cool Ramadan Challenge going on in which you can participate easily online. With proper instructors and all, it is as easy as following them in their every move as they work to make fitness accessible for you this month.

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Storm Sweat is also another account guiding their followers about the routine which will be effective for them to follow.


Follow this fitness instructor for all kinds of workout that you can follow for Ramadan.




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