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Many women find it really hard to even imagine starting their day without consumption a hot cup of coffee. Coffee cause not much harm for women, but when it comes about pregnancy, coffee can create real trouble both for the mother and baby. According to health experts, using coffee can increase the risk in developing the baby.

What does Medical Research Say about Effects of Coffee on Pregnancy?
Medical research has proved a direct link between consumption of coffee and decreased fertility. It means that the women who take more coffee go through high risk of miscarriage. On the other hand, those who take coffee five times a day produces baby with lower weight.

What Excuse Do Health Experts Hear about Kicking Coffee Habit? 
Experts have also addressed that pregnant women mostly take coffee with illusion that they are drinking safe amount of coffee. If you can’t kick off your coffee with one go than you must start minimizing the cups, so it would not be difficult till you eliminate it completely.

Are you Still Not Convinced? 
If you are not still convinced, then imagine the effect of coffee on your pregnancy.
Diuretic effect of coffee removes all the fluid and calcium from body that means the baby will be deprived of nutrients.

  • Absorption of iron reduces and lead to anemia that directly effect the healthy of both mother and baby.
  • Mood swings and insomnia increases as coffee keeps you awake and you get close to lose the capability of conceiving.
  • Today’s consumer world is filled with products, so you might are not aware which of the beverages and desserts have caffeine in them. A range of products available in the market contain caffeine, so be aware what are you consuming. The chocolate milk you tea at snack time, the biscuits you have in front of your in breakfast and coffee time and all non-cola beverages also have caffeine. Read the product labels and make a good choice for you and the baby.

In conclusion, Scaryammi recommend all women who are going through one of the most beautiful time of creation to stop consuming the bowl-sized mugs of coffee.



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