Daily lives, jobs, businesses, everything has been majorly impacted by the current situation all over the world. A similar situation is faced by schools and students throughout the country. Parents are experiencing some serious setback in their monthly income which makes it difficult for them to pay the extensive fee bills of the schools.

Keeping this in mind, the government recently announced that all of the private schools in the country will be charging only 80% of the original fee for months April and May. Everyone is facing a similar situation in the country and we have to considerate of what every other person is going through. This decision was meant to lay off the burden of the parents while not wanting to damage the schools too.

The decision, however, was not taken positively by the private schools association. The education minister of Punjab informed that in a meeting with the All Pakistan Private Schools Association, they flat out refused to abide by the directions given by the government. The president of the association, Kashif Mirza stated that they were not consulted when the decision was being made. He said that this will be very difficult for the schools to implement as they still have to pay their employees, pay taxes, bills etc.

The education minister, Murad Raas stated that these orders should be strictly followed by all the private schools across Punjab. An ultimatum of one week was given to the schools. He also said that parents reserve the right to file a complaint if the schools are noncompliant of this decision and the teachers too can complain if the schools are not paying them during the lockdown. In order to register such complaints, a helpline will soon be introduced. Parents who have paid the fee of these two months in full already are set to be compensated for it in the future fee bills.

Following these events, most of the private schools in the province announced to cut the 20% off the fee bill but implied that they will be taking this matter to the court. The Chief Minister of Punjab said that these schools are also guided to not fire anyone of their employees during these days to which the president of the All Pakistan Private Schools Association stated that an official notification regarding the matter has not been sent to him as of yet.


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  • sadia says:

    I don’t know why the education system has become a business even in this critical time. we all are facing financial issues and schools must understand it. very informational article. keep it up.

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