Is Senna Makki, the Asian herb that recently went viral, really the answer to this pandemic?

Our planet has endured a major hit in the form of COVID-19. Not only are we trying to make it go away, but we are also still trying to find a cure to it. Medical professionals are working day and night to come to a conclusion or just a hint at what can help us against this disease.

A recent word from a doctor in England made news as to the benefits of Senna Makki and how it can help COVID-19 patients. Senna Makki – which is also known as Senna leaves – is an Asian herb used by people in Pakistan, China, and India. It is used in medicines and is usually prescribed to people suffering from constipation. It’s is a laxative – to be precise.

senna makki

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Is Senna Makki Beneficial or dangerous?

For people with underlying health conditions, this herb can be extremely dangerous. As it is used in constipation, people who are not experiencing constipation can in turn fall prey to diarrhea. Patients of COVID-19 are already absolved of energy and diarrhea can cause added weakness which can be fatal in worse cases

According to doctors, the benefits of Senna Makki are probably being confused with the result of other medications the patients are receiving. This doctor explains the myth in detail

What should be done instead?

This herb is not exactly advised against but its excessive use and overdose is highly condemned by medical professionals. So what can we do instead?

At the moment, the thing we can be sure of is that Senna Makki boosts immunity and is a laxative. It should be used as such because its excessive use can have disastrous impacts. In a nutshell, no research backs this herb as a cure to fight COVID-19. Little is known but we are aware that flushes out toxins from your body if used properly.

People are already using traditional remedies to combat COVID19 anyway. Therefore, doctors suggest drinking ginger tea instead of Senna Makki. It not only boosts immunity but also helps soothe a sore throat.


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