An ongoing worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease also known as Covid-19 has taken over and instilled fear in every person on the planet. Most of the countries are still losing lives and economic power however one of the worst hit countries is Italy and we spoke to Zainab who lives in Milan to tell us what’s happening there and her experience firsthand.

The total number of deaths in Italy from coronavirus is 8,165 to 8,215 and, accordingly, the total number of cases from 80,539 to 80,589 as of today.

  • Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Zainab and I live with my husband and two daughters.  We’ve been living in Italy Milan since the past six years.

  • Italy has been the worst hit so far because of coronavirus. Can you describe your experience?

I am living in red zone where the city is worst hit by coronavirus. It looks like a nightmare. A month before life was totally different, now it feels like we are house arrested with family.

  • How are you keeping up with the situation?

Everyday I wait for 6 pm because Ministry of health releases statistics about new cases, deaths and recovered patients. But sadly everyday I feel disappointed because at an average 5 thousand new cases and 600 deaths are increasing daily. I just hope the situation will change dramatically and the number will come to zero very soon.

  • Are people following orders of the government?

At the beginning to be honest many people didn’t think about it seriously but now everyone is doing quarantine with their heart and soul. Because we know now how horrible it can get.

  • Are you and your family safe?

The only way to be safe is to quarantine yourself ! So yes I can say I am safe with my family because we are doing quarantine as much as we can.

  • How stringent is the lock-down?

The government is taking measures everyday to protect the nation. As the situation now is like war time lock-down (like a curfew!).

  • There’s also rising concern in Italy about the death-to-cases ratio, which is running at 5 percent, much higher than other countries struggling with corona virus. What do you feel about that?

I feel so sad for everyone who is dying because their loved ones can’t even see them and cannot do any religious rituals for the body. Death rate has increased 8 to 10 percent, which is horrific.

  • Italians, in normally bustling cities like Rome and Milan woke up to empty streets and a surreal quiet on Tuesday. How was it for you?

As I’m living in Milan and I haven’t seen roads and streets like this before. It’s so painful. The only thing in the streets and road is fear.

  • What is your worst memory in this pandemic?

I haven’t seen WW1 & WW2 but I can truly sense what it must feel like living in a lock-down during war.

  • What is the situation in Italy now?

I wish I could write that everything is fine and we are returning towards normal life but I’m sorry I can’t, the situation is very uncertain, it feels like every few minutes 5 new positive cases arise. Sometimes I start counting when my number will come and this makes me so upset.

  • Can you tell us something positive in this time of great sadness?

 Isolation is the only cure to this pandemic. Being positive and to forget about corona. I try to keep myself busy and so i started redoing my home kitchen, wardrobes etc so i can keep my mind off of this plague.

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