As an Ammi to 4 kids, all under the ages of 10 years and three of them super demanding boys, I am always looking for toys and games that serve a dual purpose.
I am a huge fan of toys that educate while they entertain
For boys, the marketplace is limited with options. You can usually only buy remote control cars or toy guns! This is why I was delighted to see the variety of toy zone.
Here are my top picks from their website; The first one has to be the avengers classic end game and this comes in all the main characters so all your boys can pick their favorites! Toyzone has a vast variety of toys from Avengers, there is something for all of your little boys to play with.

My youngest son is OBSESSED with minions! He just can’t get enough of them and for him, the best toy I picked is the Minion desktop Jazz drum. This is not just his favorite but also this toy is super engaging for young kids as it helps enhance their music skills while having fun at the same time.

My next pick is the home supermarket with a cash register It is super fun to play with but also very educational, as with this toy you can teach your kids about basic cash transactions in a supermarket and make learning about numbers and math so enjoyable!
You can head over now to their website and take advantage of HUGE discounts! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

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