As an aunt to numerous nieces (yes I am surrounded by babies), I am always on the hunt for birthdays. There is no end to the occasions that pop up with little girls. Birthdays. Back to school. Good exam results. The first tooth. Matlab keh! I feel all I am doing is buying gifts and wrapping them up. The amount of money I spend on girl gifts is probably about the same I spend on my own makeup.

With little girls, my top favorite from the coolest ever toy store TOYZONE are as follows. Before I reveal my top choices, I want to let you know that TOYZONE has the coolest sale going on right now. Shop away and save thousands.

My youngest niece just LOVES dressing up, be it any cartoon character or her favorite princesses she just can’t seem to get enough! For her my top pick has to be this yellow beauty princess costume It’s not just the dress it also comes with the adorable little accessories. Just imagining her in this costume makes my heart melt!

Now, this next pick is two in one and so cool! It’s an aircraft cinema!
What better gift for a girl who loves to travel and watch movies. Not going to lie the pretend playset had me tempted as well!

The last one; Little Alive Punched Face Persian Cat (Black & Grey) this is the perfect gift for all kids who keep asking their parents to get them a pet! This precious little cat not only looks super realistic but also comes with built-in sensors that allow the cat to respond to touch and sounds, how cool is that!
You guys DO NOT want to miss out on this amazing sale on Toyzone, head over to their website to avail of exciting discounts!!

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