You know I think this is probably my first ever blog on shopping for kids. Not surprising since I don’t have kids and no Ammi believes that someone without kids can be an expert on kid stuff. Well, I do think of myself as somewhat of an expert since I have helped my sisters and cousins and even distant rishtedar with raising their children.
In November, two of my favorite niece and nephews have their birthday and in these Corona times, I have no money. Or OK very little money. LOL. Covid-19 ate away my savings. MAN! What is up with this virus?

With my niece’s nephew’s birthday right around the corner, I knew I had to get them something special since they were already very down because we couldn’t celebrate their birthday due to COVID. The gift had to be bigger and better since we couldn’t throw them a party.
As I was desperately searching for the perfect toy, a friend suggested I check out the upcoming 11.11 sale at Toyzone. After a quick glance at their website, I saw that they have a vast variety of toys for boys, girls, and babies!

After a long search on their website, I shortlisted a few toys for both my niece and nephew. The new Diecast scale model and the sports racing remote control car has got me confused! They both look so fun to play with. Whereas for my niece I’m stuck between a beautiful stuffed doll and a drone camera. I’m sure she’ll love to have both!
With the Toyzone 11.11 sale coming up I might just get them all the toys as starting November 11th, 2020 everything on their website will be marked down up to 80%!

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