So, you have entered the final months of your pregnancy. The excitement starts to go up again and the wait is just too much now.

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The months 7-9 of your pregnancy is considered to be the third and last trimester. It lasts till you give birth and during this time your baby is going through the final growth stages before it comes out into this world. Your baby is now growing faster than ever and the living space will not be enough for it. So, during these months you will be experiencing a lot of jabs and kicks which will make you want to jab back every now and then. But hold on, it will pass.

Development of The Baby:

The development of the baby during these months is very significant after the one it went through in the first trimester.

  • Its bones are forming which were previously just cartilage. Due to this formation, the baby requires a lot of calcium for which you are advised to consume a lot of it.
  • The baby’s digestive system starts to work as some kind of poop starts to gather in the intestines.
  • The five senses will start to develop during this time too.
  • The baby’s brain is one of the most major developments in this trimester. Due to this development, the baby starts to blink, dream and do other such activity.

Changes In Your Body:

Similar to every other trimester, your body will go through almost similar experiences in these months too. But the ones you experience during this time will be the final ones and will also be a little difficult too. Plus, the wait also gets unbearable this time around which makes you more irritable. So, you will also be in touch with your doctor more.

  • Spider veins – yes you got that right! These won’t leave you until you have given birth. So, bear with it and stay calm (who am I kidding?)
  • Heartburn – you might have experienced it in the previous months too but this will be happening more often now. But, if it bothers you a lot, consult your doctor about this.
  • Back pains – these too will persist and you will have to sit down and put your feet up to give yourself a break.
  • Fatigue and shortness of breath – the increasing weight on you will make it harder for you to move around. And for all the work you will do during this time, you will have to rest for a lot more.
  • Urination – frequent urination will be a problem for you. The baby in your uterus will be pushing back on your bladder and it will make it harder for you to control your pee. So, get used to runs for the bathroom every now and then.

In a nutshell, this time will be the hardest on you. In terms of bodily changes and the wait of meeting your baby. Throughout this phase just try to have someone around you that you are comfortable to share your thoughts with. Also, be in constant contact with your doctor and communicate every little detail about your pregnancy to him/her.

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