Masked faces all around. The joy was merely hidden behind the half-covered faces. Although the things were amazing-from the time the pains started till the last drip was out. The excitement was real, unexplainable and joyously crushing but deep down some things were really different, changed and scary. 

Delivering during the pandemic times have been a cautious experience. Things were beyond normality. The causal greetings, visits and wishes were missing. The balloons and flowers brought to the room were limited, restricted and above all sanitized again and again. Hugs & kisses were fully restrained and everyone was NOT allowed to come. 

From the day I was admitted in the hospital for my C-Section I had been sanitizing my hands every few minutes, wearing a mask was compulsory, gloves were fixed to each hand and thermal scanners were everywhere. How different life has become? How tensed the situation has been? And how difficult it was to deliver a Pandemic Baby!

From the day my third trimester started- THE CORONA VIRUS had been a highlighted part of our lives. Initially, I thought that it will vanish and end till the time the due date arrives but NO! The virus was there. Still there. All active and fresh. Not agreeing to end that soon. 

And the day arrived. Doctors were around. Wearing face shields and protective equipment’s. The joy of seeing my baby was above all the hassles I had been facing from the last 36 hours but the fear of catching the infection and protecting my baby from everything was horrible and psychologically disturbing. 


But two things kept me going, helped me in staying positive and full of glee-and those things were FAITH & LOVE. Faith that what so ever happens, happens with the wish of ALLAH and no one has the power to stop it and secondly the Love of my family-my husband. Alhamdulillah! 

More or less, delivering during the corona times was a unique experience. Which I would never like to face again. To be honest! For a new Mum-like myself. I know how difficult it is to face such a difficult time.

Things will get better. That’s all we need to believe and the time is not easy that’s all we really need to understand. But we will get over this. 

For all the new Moms- don’t forget to build your immunity. Take vitamins, iron and zinc supplements. Stay hydrated and avoid stress. For all the Moms-to-be, you are stronger than you can ever think. Becoming a Mom isn’t easy but faith and love will keep you going. 


Stay happy!

We will overcome it together. Soon! 

Mahnoor Ali

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