We have been seeing negativity everywhere. It is time to focus on the good that has been taking place around us.

It is during times like these that we get to know what a real nation is. We may be very disappointed in those who are taking this opportunity to meet and greet but there are also some who are extremely very concerned. Not only for themselves but also concerned for the people who have no means of providing for their families in this situation. A number of organisations and individuals have come forward with their ideas to help those in need or in general make things a little better.

Different NGOs and foundations have started their campaigns to raise funds for those who have been affected by the disease and have little nothing to help them survive their poverty. To name some, Alkhidmat Foundation has initiated a food distribution drive for daily wagers and their families. A large number of people are volunteering for it along with taking complete precautionary measure while doing so.

Hum TV network has also put together a platform where every one can donate money for the underprivileged. They are raising awareness through their TV channels. And what we need to appreciate is that people are actually signing up for it all. Doctors have come up with helping people who are confined in their homes. Introducing telemedicine, they have posted on multiple platforms about how they are available for online consultation with no fee at all. We have got to admit that this is a very thoughtful action on their part.

Another thing that I have come to know is that various singers are conducting their concerts online. This started internationally first but our Pakistani singers, such as Ali Hamza, was seen arranging an online gig for his fans. These activities are much needed as a lot of people lose themselves as things are pretty depressing.

This truly shows that people have come together as a nation in this time of need. We all are together in this and we are responsible for helping those who cannot. Everything has been shifted online, classes, jobs, meetings, everything. It has become even easier to connect with your friends as we’ll be online basically all the time. Keep checking up on the ones who are not with you at the moment, be a supportive figure.

Hafsa Adil Chughtai

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Hafsa is an undergraduate student of Psychology with a passion to write and deliver adequate information to the readers

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