Starting with the first case of the novel coronavirus in Pakistan, many precautionary measures have been put in place by the provincial governments and also the federal government. New labs were ordered to be constructed immediately, ventilators were ordered to be arranged and the protection kits for the medical staff was to be a top priority. Till now, from what we have seen so far, the situation is going somewhat okay. The government is also working to develop new facilities every day to aid the process of containing the virus.

Just this week, a brand new and unique drive-through test facility has been established in Sindh. After the orders from the provincial governments, the drive-through is now live in Karachi. It enables people to get themselves tested for the possible infection of COVID-19 and avoid the long, tiring hospital queues at the same time. This is a nice way to increase the testing capacity due to which more cases will come to light and will be effectively treated. There was a huge demand for testing by the citizens but the test kits were quite small in number which made it impossible to carry out the act of mass testing throughout the country.

In order to get tested, people will have to make an appointment at first and after they receive a code for their appointment, they can get themselves tested. A certain criterion also has to be met to go forward with the appointment. If a person has a history of travelling recently or if a number of possible COVID-19 symptoms are observed, only then will you be qualified to test. The testing facility is available at home and at the drive-through too.

This is a nice way to relieve a little burden off of the medical staff at the hospitals and also to keep people safe from possible exposure to the virus. The staff present at the drive-through already possess the required facilities to keep themselves clear of catching the infection.

Pakistan is rapidly working to fight off this novel disease and a sort of success has also been observed by the people. But we have to keep playing our own part by staying indoors. Stay home, stay safe.


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