As the government has announced the extension of the – already in place – lockdown, a lot of different point of views have been seen to come forward. The government agreed that the decision of the lockdown did help a little in stemming the spread. Which is one of the main reason for extending it for a further two weeks. On the other hand, some of the international flights have also been allowed to operate through the airport in the capital city. But those flights will only be bringing back the Pakistanis who are stranded overseas.

People sitting at home have reacted in various different ways. While there were people happily going against the lockdown, there were those too who chose to sit at home and spare themselves and others from contracting the disease. Those people have also found it hard to sit at home for an even longer period now. But they do understand the importance of such decisions. Mothers have had it too hard, with their kids at home and trying to not fall prey to their repetitive questions as to why they can’t go out, everything has been a little too stressful for them. During this time, Scaryammi has done various different online activities to make the quarantine easy for children. By now, some of the mothers have also gotten to know how they can divert their children’s attention and make the days at home somewhat entertaining for them.

“It would not be my choice but it is mandatory. The time calls for such decisions because the lives of our people are very precious. The virus is increasing rapidly, I hope everyone is staying safe. Prayers for you all,” said a mother in our Facebook group.

It is quite a relief that people are understanding enough because, without unity, this situation cannot be fought with. “It is an important decision that’s got to be taken seriously. May Allah protect us all,” said another woman in the group with hopes that those who are still roaming the roads outside would come to terms with the severity of the situation.

The situation is hard on everyone. But instead of taking these holidays as an opportunity to travel to different places, we should be staying home and serving our purpose.


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