The Scaryammi team talks to Natasha Haq, principal of IPC Aziz Avenue about her tips for preparing children for Aitxhison College. Natasha Haq has an amazing track record of getting children into this prestigious institution and of conducting a highly regarded mock exam for Aitchison College.

Q1: Would you consider yourself to be an expert on preparation for Aitchison College?
Yes! Aitchison preparation is not only about the syllabus coverage but also includes a professional training of paper attempting once the foundation is laid. I conduct mock tests at IPC Aziz Avenue Campus every year with a great success ratio.

Q2: How many years have you been preparing children for Aitchison for?
I have been taking Aitchison preparatory sessions for more than 15 years.

Q3: What grade is it easiest for kids to get into Aitchison College at?
K-2 has the major intake, followed by K-3

Q4: For a grade 2 kid, how many hours do you recommend they study?
In the last months of revision, one hour remedial session for all 3 core subjects with a substantial break.

Q5: Are tutions a necessity for kids preparing for Aitchison?
No! In fact they drain out the student before the actual examination. However mock sessions are recommended for external students exposure, new environment and unfamiliar invigilators.

Q6: Which subject do you feel is the most difficult when it comes to preparing for Aitchison College?
For English medium school students , Urdu needs a lot of improvement when it comes to creative, comprehension and instruction reading.

Q7: What books and worksheets would you recommend when preparing a child for Aitchison College?
Nelson for English, Oxford countdown for Numeracy n Ao bacho Urdu seekhen

Q8: What role do mock exams play in helping a child prepare?
Mock sessions are recommended for external students exposure, new environment and unfamiliar invigilators. A child needs practice different paper patterns other than what his school provides.

Q9: What advise would you give to ammis who are eager to send their kids to Aitchison College?
Aitchison is not the end of the world. Focus on their personalities and accentuate their positives. However the foundation of concepts is very important including comprehension of both languages and reading instruction independently. In addition focus on the following:

  • Time Management
  • Reading instructions independently
  • Performance anxiety
  • Eligibility of writing
  • Conceptual knowledge including logical reasoning.

Q10: Can the admission test be cleared by just an ammi’s effort or is expert help necessary?
An expert help to judge the weaknesses, give unbiased judgement and analyze through critical analysis. Moreover there are certain specific guidelines that need to be briefed.


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