A tête-à-tête with Myne Butt the famous dessert connoisseur who started off her dessert business as a hobby, look where she is now!

  • How long have you been cooking for?

I have been in to food since the very beginning of time. Starting with when I was in my early teens and our Eid trolley at my mum always having cakes and cookies from me along with all of the yummies my mum put together.

Later on during my stay in the UK I would join charity bake sales at work and take dishes and dishes of desserts for everyone to try.

But professionally I started doing bakes and desserts in early February of 2016

  • From our understanding you have a couple of businesses surrounding food. Could you elaborate what those are?

I am a home-based dessert artist and Ice-cream specialist. In particular I am known for my signature home-made dairy ice-cream. They are different because they are not only made with dairy ingredients but also since I am a baker at heart they are visually very attractive with layers and designs.  I also give my clients the option of customized ice-creams which people love. Along with that my signature cakes get a lot of love because of their rich and unique flavours. And to add to that my desserts jars, boxed desserts and Milk cakes are hot sellers. Along with making and supplying these from home I also stock selective products at two stores in Lahore. One in DHA by the name of Dessert Directory and one in Johar Town by the name of Swirl.

I also do classes on baked and no bake desserts.

And I do workshops on entrepreneurship and running your own business.

  • What got you into cooking and could you tell us a bit about your day-to-day life?

I am a food enthusiast by heart, more inclined towards sweets. My family has a big sweet tooth but one that isn’t satisfied by normal desserts. One of the main reasons I started experimenting with my own bakes and desserts was my dissatisfaction with the type of desserts that were available in the market. At that time availability of dairy Ice cream, coverture chocolates, proper rich desserts were almost non-existent. I would taste a dessert and think to myself Gosh won’t this be just so perfect if it were just a tad bit less sweet, had a bit more chocolate, or was a bit richer. I would then go home and make my own version of that dessert.

Later on, when I was abroad I got a chance to try so many different desserts and those experiences are also inspiration of many of creations. To summarize it’s just my own love for proper rich desserts that hit the spot that got me in this line of work.

  • Have you taken any formal training in baking/cooking?

I am 100% self-taught. Lot of inspiration comes from online, blogs and YouTube videos. But I always end up tweaking things according to my taste buds. Most of my hot sellers have come straight from my head.

  • Your desserts are famous around Lahore! What are some of your most popular things?

I am known as the Ice-cream wali bandi, so I guess that explains most of it. After that my signature Double Nutella cake and Nutella jar. The current hotsellers are my boxed Lotus Milk cakes and Lotus buttercream cake. One of the innovative things I have brought in the dessert scene is a big line-up of dessert jar and boxed desserts. The list is endless.

  • How are the different ways you can bake with whipping cream?

Cream is the center or the heart of any good dessert. I for one am a big advocate of dairy cream. As the richer the cream the yummier your dessert will be. I use it to make ice-creams, mousse, ganache or just to simply frost the cakes. Whipping cream in particular comes super handy in dish desserts, individual desserts or dessert shots. It is also used to thicken shakes, thinning out buttercream and adding a certain texture to a batter.

  • What is your most exciting venture regarding food so far in your career?

Literally my whole journey as a dessert artist is a rollercoaster ride filled with so much excitement. From the media coverage to being invited to universities for workshops on Entrepreneurship but the most I enjoy is doing stalls in some of the biggest food events of Lahore. The experience of people trying your desserts in front of you and then coming back for seconds and thirds is just the best feeling ever.

  • What is your favourite dessert which has whipping cream?

From my own line up it’s my Red velvet jars. In fact, currently it’s my family favourite with even my baby nephew and nieces running around with their own shares of it in cups.

  • What are the essential things to know before making whipping cream?

A lot of people find whipping cream a big challenge. People need to know and understand the difference between dairy and non-dairy cream and the difference between whipping and non-whipping cream. After that the point to understand is that cream is best whipped when its super-duper chilled, but we never ever try to freeze cream. As cream hates extreme temperatures in either direction. Lastly the gadget you are using makes a huge difference too. As the faster it is the quicker your cream will be beaten up.

  • What is the most creative dessert you have made?

Since I do customized cakes there is no end to the creativity with me, I’m always into something new. As far as desserts are concerned, I make 9 layered Mousse desserts that would remind you of Patisserie Valerie from UK, I do a Brigadeiro dessert inspired by a Russian classic, chocolate Golgappas inspired of course by the Lahori in me and many others.

  • If you had to describe being a cook what is one word you would choose to describe it?

It is art.

  • Tell us one of your most memorable moments of cooking?

Baking is super therapeutic. It is an art, it is a science for me it is an obsession.

I once participated in a huge event at a local orphanage that was done to give a birthday experience to all the kids there. Me and some other kind soles were part of the project of the massive combined birthday party. Each table got its own cake, where 10 to 12 kids would cut it and enjoy it to their hearts content. When the cakes were distributed I went to the table that got my cake and sat down with the kids to participate. That experience is the possibly the most memorable experience of my life. The happy excited faces of the kids, looking at the cake and then asking questions. About how did I make it and is the picture on it real? And can they eat this part and that part. Just loved being there and part of that experience Alhumdulliah.

Lastly my message to everybody is always remember Passion + Positivity = Success
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