On this Mother’s day we are paying special tribute to all the Ammi’s who have the strength and power to go through extreme difficult situations with their children. Not only are they absolutely amazing Ammis but are also an inspiration for the rest of us Ammis. These super Ammis help us in realizing how grateful and blessed we should feel by being Ammis of normal kids and having normal lives. Lets pray for and support all the Ammis of special needs children for being as brave and strong as they are.

Mashallah ! Kudos to all of you.

Here’s another Super Ammi and her story;

My name is Farzana Khurshid, I am from Abbottabad and I live in Islamabad now. I have 4 children and I’ve enjoyed my journey as a mother, infact it has been a wonderful experience.

 Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear and I truly believe in that. Allah has been very kind to me and I have never really felt Uzair as a burden.

I have been extremely lucky to have a loving family and supportive friends who have always been there for Uzair and I, emotionally and physically. When Uzair was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy it was a difficult time but at that time I was young and had the energy to take care of him and I was also able to do his physiotherapy by myself.

Now his brother and sister’s are there to take care of him and spend quality time with him and also my family has never made him feel that he is special.

My biggest support have been my children who have been through thick and thin and have always stood by my side.

I would like to tell all the mother’s going through a similar situation to never lose hope and always consider these kids your blessing and never a burden.

I would advise everyone who is reading this post is to never leave your family, always be there for each other and be supportive  because it is our family who will be there for us in the good and bad days.

Amna Batool

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