Shaan Shahid, a new ultimate icon of U-turns?

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After providing the social media with a flurry of statements against Dirlis: Ertugrul airing on PTV, Shaan Shahid recently tweeted how the drama was a classic masterpiece.

Shaan’s tweet on Sunday evening touched numerous people. As a result, a number of mixed reactions surfaced. While some supported him, others questioned him on the conflict between his own statements.

The leading Pakistani actor was the first one to declare his opposition to the airing of this drama in the country. Not long after, many other celebrities followed his lead and made their displeasure evident. Yasir Hussain faced plenty of backlash for his rather harsh narrative regarding Dirlis: Ertugrul. 


In an earlier and now-deleted tweet, Shaan had also pointed out how much PTV charged for airing a show that was already available on NetflixHowever, it was later made clear that the drama was a gift from the Turkish Prime Minister to Pakistan.

Shaan Shahid

In order to make is stance clear, Shaan posted another update.

But he still received hostility from several users commenting. Most of them pointed out the fact that the luxury of Netflix is not available to everyone in our country. Instead, airing the dubbed version of the drama on PTV will make it easier for anyone who owns a TV and is unable to understand the English subtitles.

Nevertheless, many users are still criticizing the actor for supporting Netflix over PTV. People are also discussing how learning about the Golden era of Islam is equally important to learning about the heroes of our sub-continent. After all, our identity as a Muslim is much more important than our ethnicity.


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