Scaryammi Sellers is an amazing opportunity to make money while sitting at home!!!

All you have to do is encourage your family and friends to place orders or any products through the Scaryammi link! On each order the seller gets a commission of 5% of the total order. In addition to 15 orders, 25 orders, 50 orders and more you get grand prizes.

Remember to email the screenshots of the orders placed through you to Raheel Niaz.


  • Any order that is created by any seller will be shared via WhatsApp or Email to our HOD or designated person.
  • Focus to increase user interaction on the website and insist customers to place orders by self on the website and mention the short-descriptive name of any seller in the comment box.
  • Reviews are a must! Insist customers to leave positive reviews on our Facebook page. Order will be considered as incomplete if the reviews are not made.
  • Website links and all relevant information of products will be provided by the Ecommerce team to sellers.
  • If need any query regarding the product photos, pricing or delivery charges sellers can contact Raheel Niaz via email at