April 13, 2020

How To Homeschool Your Kids During Quarantine

We Interviewed Sania Omer, who lives in Sweden and is a Software Engineer by profession but now a stay-at-home mommy of two boys. Sania has been home-schooling them since the…
April 8, 2020

Are online classes for preschoolers worth it?

It’s become a struggle to keep maintaining a routine and keeping the kids busy in this lockdown scenario. Keeping up with the house chores and working from home hasn’t made…
April 7, 2020

Teachers and their say about fee reduction.

Under this pandemic not only were we as a nation not prepared for the panic and chaos but we also did not foresee other factors getting effected by this lock-down…
March 12, 2020

Pakistan’s measures for Covid-19 in schools and workplaces

Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. Starting in Wuhan, China it has infected over 100,000 people and resulted in 4000 deaths so far. Precautionary measures have been taken to…
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February 8, 2020

Homeschooling Stories With Faiza Khurram.

. Faiza Khurram is a homeschooling mother of two children. she explains why she started the homeschooling of her children and what issues she has with pre-school systems. What made…
January 27, 2020

Mishel Fahad Talks About Homeschooling

Mishel Fahad doesn't just advocate for home-schooling because it's trendy or cool or cheaper than sending them to a mainstream school. She doesn't do it because it suits her lifestyle.…
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January 23, 2020

Homeschooling Stories With Mishel Fahad

How does our society react to the concept of homeschooling children? Mishel Fahad talks about her own firsthand experience with it.
ParhainSummer Camps
January 2, 2020

Super Economical Summer Campus under 8000

When you have kids and you want to focus on their personal growth and development, while not breaking the bank. Most summer camps are super expensive with some charging 20K…
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September 10, 2019

Inherited School Management

By Taimur K. Bandey Over the past few years, I have heard many Pakistanis criticize Politics of Inheritance and have been aggressively attacking leadership of certain political parties for passing…
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July 29, 2019

The Challenge of Preparing Kids for Aitchison College

The Scaryammi team talks to Natasha Haq, principal of IPC Aziz Avenue about her tips for preparing children for Aitxhison College. Natasha Haq has an amazing track record of getting…
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June 20, 2019

IPC Aziz Avenue Campus Summer Camp

International Preschool Curriculum is working worldwide for running 100 schools while maintaining the best standards of education. This year, IPCE Summer camp is bringing another opportunity for kids to not…
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June 14, 2019

Tips for Making Summer Camp Schedule 

Summer camp is the right opportunity for the kids to see learning as fun activity and make new friends. No matter you are have been sending your kids from years to summer…
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June 13, 2019

Not too Late Summer Camp in July

There are a number of summer camps going around with a lot of noise of offering the best services. A lot of mothers have enrolled their kids in camps started…
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June 12, 2019

Exciting Swimming Summer Camps

Younger kids love splashing in water, especially at times when there are other kids playing and enjoying being wet. Learning about water safety is important and children cannot do it…
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June 12, 2019

Karachi Summer Camps 2019

Summer camps enable children to commune with other kids they don't know and engage in fun-based activities. Karachi, one of the popular city does not lag behind in providing the…
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June 12, 2019

Kingston Summer Camp 2019

Registration Form Kingston Summer Camp 2019 Loading...
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June 12, 2019

Alpha Summer School

Registration Form Summer Camp 2019   Loading...  
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June 11, 2019

Philosophy Summer Workshop for Teenagers

Do you know that children are natural philosophers? Yes, they are as they constantly ask ‘Why’ questions because they know that these questions can lead to further discussions. They keep…
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June 10, 2019

ISLOO Summer Camps to Boost Your Kid’s Confidence

The stress of studies! The mad desire to finish the syllabus! The insane exams timetable leads to moms overlooking the basics of good parenting such as building confidence and self…
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June 10, 2019

Camps That Don’t Break The Wallet

LAHORE: Summers can be an expensive proposition for mothers of 2 or more kids who while continuing to pay school fees also have to pay summer camp charges for all…
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May 25, 2019

Top Summer Camps in Lahore for Kids

The time of end of summative assessment and the start of magical summer break is on the door steps. The kids have made up their minds for getting free from…