Pregnancy can be challenging but it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful phases of our lives. It changes your body, physically and emotionally. However those beautiful eyes fade, cheeks get paler, and the body begins to change. It gets itchier, dry and sometimes too sweaty. You know what i’m talking about right? *sigh*

Pregnancy comes with its pros and cons. But guess what? Once you’re over with it, you will miss the pregnancy phase THE MOST! TRUST ME!

So are you a Mommy-to-Be? Someone expecting for the first time? And experiencing it in Ramadan? Then you might be stuck between should I fast or not? What to eat? When to eat? How to stay hydrated? And much more. 

Well! Well! Not to worry, here’s the answer to most of your questions.  

A Muslim woman can skip the fasts if she is expecting or breastfeeding, yes! That is true. She doesn’t have to fast during this time period. You can say confidently that your religion has allowed you to skip this farz because Allah Almighty wanted to show everyone how difficult it can be for a woman during pregnancy and how she should rest and take care of herself during this miraculous time. It’s so endearing to realize how much Allah loves us and has exempted us mothers and mothers to be in these conditions  to take care of ourselves as well as your little version’s health. 

But, if you still feel guilty-deep inside for reasons being that you can’t fast. Don’t ! Because you can fast after you deliver. Yes! Missed days of fasting can be made up at later days. And that’s all fine. See how easy Allah has made our religion for all of us, so adaptable, so welcoming and ever so nurturing.

Another way of satisfying yourself is giving Fidyah! In the form of money or eatables to someone in need for each missed day of fasting. 

But still, few women fast even during pregnancy and that is actually a very personal decision, and kudos to you ladies. 

All you can do is discuss it with your doctor to avoid any sort of health issues. Also, you can fast and check whether it suits you or not. 

Let your body tell you this if it can handle it or not, and it will. For sure! 

 “Being pregnant is fun. It has been a joyous phase of my life. With all those kicks and bumps and jiggling tummy movements. I am going to miss it for sure. Not only because I was loved more in this phase by family but because my baby is actually eating all the things I make. Haha! And that’s going to be a different situation once the baby comes out!”

So if you’re pregnant, be it for the first time or the fourth time. Enjoy this time ladies! Because you know, once the BABY is out, the game will change. 

Mahnoor Ali

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