For us Muslims, Ramadan is always a very special month. The Muslim community comes together to celebrate the blessings Allah has promised His creatures during this time. But unlike any other Ramadan I remember, we will be spending this month confined in our homes. Which means no iftar parties and let’s just forget about going out for sehris too. This particular month will be very trying for us all. We all are very uncertain as what will take place and it has us pretty anxious.

Every year we spend this time following our regular daily routine while fasting. More often then not we are unable to connect ourselves with the true spirit of the month. Fasting through the day while going about our daily time-consuming duties leaves us no time to actually do what we are supposed to do. What we usually forget is that fasting during Ramadan is as much of a psychological exercise as it is the physical one. It is more than just staying away from food. It teaches us self control, allows us to discipline ourselves and also morally trains us.

This lockdown may have provided us with the opportunity to do just that. Now that we are not going out as much, we will have plenty of time to focus on the blessings the month of Ramadan is set to provide us. I personally will have the chance to sit and reflect on the positive effect this combination of isolation and Ramadan.

We may have also been given the chance to read The Holy Quran all over again with complete understanding. We have the time and the connection of this month and the Holy Book is such an undeniable one so, why not utilise it the way we are used to?

This year we will not be able to spend Ramadan with other like we do every year but this time away from the external distractions is enabling us to focus on the things we previously did not have time for.


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