Quarantine and Homebound Us!

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It’s safe to say that the world is undergoing the worst pandemic this generation gets to witness. While we are all directed to stay home and practice social distance, we cannot ignore the fact that we all have found to have ample ‘free time’ on our hands!  It seems that the mothers have run out of the ideas to occupy their children beyond their every day, usual hobbies. So have the adults! Well, you are not alone. We are all in it together. We, at scaryammi, have got you covered. Let’s look at the some activities that can help you and your little ones stay busy and spend some quality time together.

Virtual Trips

Going into lockdown can result into many complex issues such as cancelling all your travel plans. It’s high time that we   dig into ‘armchair’ tourism and embrace the new way to see the world while being stuck at home!  

https://www.tripsavvy.com/virtual-field-trips-for-kids-3129414 is a sight that will take you and your children without having to step out of your house. The site has covered famous buildings/places and their 360 degree view.

Bring Disney Parks to Your Lounge  

There’s nothing more magical than taking a trip to Disneyland.  Many of us had planned our trips to this magical land but Corona made us all cancel our plans. Let’s find out the ways to bring Disney home until we are all allowed to visit the place! Here are some of the suggestions:

  • Prepare a ‘Disney’ playlist and transport yourselves to Disney land.
  • Put on some ‘Disney’ themed clothes.
  • Make yourself and loved ones ‘Disney’ snacks.
  • You can watch all your favorite Disney movies and TV shows, on Disney+.
  • Go behind the scenes with The Imagineering Story, a documentary-style show that reveals never-before-seen parts of the Disney parks.


Experience the Nature

Corona virus has us all stuck at home but that cannot keep us from looking around the world and some of the most adorable animals in zoo. These cams (zoo) will transport you close to nature and its beauty. Enjoy the live streams provided by some of the very famous zoos around the world. The San Diego Zoo, Georgia Aquarium’s beluga whales, Houston Zoo, Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam and Monterrey Aquarium are some of the famous zoos offering live streaming.

Stay Healthy and Fit!

With school closure, we have got our children full of energy. Channelizing their energy is of utmost importance. Also staying fit and healthy is quite significant in order to avoid indolence.

Luckily, there are plenty of options to help you feel like you’re exploring the world without leaving your house. But if you’re interested in getting active, especially with kids, Alo Yoga’s online classes have just what you need. Eat healthy and stay fit!

Food to our Rescue!

We’re living in stressful and uncertain coronavirus times. And to that I say: Thank God we have the internet. Because of the internet, celebrity chefs have turned their home kitchens into virtual classrooms for our benefit as food is always there ( in rain or shine) and lifts up our mood instantly.   You may visit ‘https://www.delish.com/food-news/g31786555/delish-insta’ and many other such websites that are offering virtual cooking classes for you and your little ones.

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