Pregnancy in Pakistan comes with a purely desi manual in the form of mothers/mother-in-law and suddenly every opportunity to make decisions is taken away from you.

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Obviously, they have more experience than you and they want everything to go smoothly. Who can blame them? So, one of the things you must have heard a lot or that you will hear is probably: ‘NO SEX WHEN PREGNANT!’. That is just another desi thing, right?

Well, when you are pregnant there are a lot of things you are told not to do with no apparent reason as to why? Some of them are true but the others? Not very much. As far as sex during pregnancy is concerned, it is usually advised against because according to some, it can harm the baby. But, there are not a lot of studies or doctors that say it does if your pregnancy is treading normally. As every pregnancy is different for every woman, this desire for sex during it also varies similarly. For some women, the thought of sex can make them run in the other direction and others may go crazy for it. It all differs from woman to woman.

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The usual fear of the baby being harmed during sex is normal, but the doctors have explained how multiple layers of protection surrounding the baby prevent it from any such possibility. The baby is protected by your abdomen, walls of your uterus and also the amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac. Other than this, it is often perceived that having sex can stimulate labour which is only a slight possibility and only in the last few weeks of pregnancy. But, this too is not agreed upon by a lot of doctors.

The only time doctors often advise against having sex are as follows:

  1. You are having two or more babies.
  2. You are at risk of an early labour/preterm labour.
  3. You have had a miscarriage before or are at risk of one now.
  4. You are nearing the end of your pregnancy and your waters have broken.
  5. You experience bleeding or discharge down there.
  6. You have random cramps every now and then.

It is important to remember to consult your gynaecologist all throughout your pregnancy. There are also a lot of desi totkas that are very helpful for the problems women face during this time. And what is amazing is that the aunties around us are always available to help. Just another pro of being a desi?

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