Living in these times is not an easy job. For some people, it is even more difficult than others.

This situation of the pandemic has made things difficult for a lot of people. While there are some people worried about their loved ones going out to work during this spread, others are rendered worried due to their increased chances of catching the virus. Among the elderly and those with diseases that weaken their immune system, pregnant women are also at a high risk to the virus. This may be due to their weakened immune system.

“Yes, pregnant women are more prone to being affected by coronavirus because they have a weak immune system. That is why they should be more cautious as compared to the ones who are not pregnant,” said Dr Fauzia.

Early research on this matter did not provide much evidence to prove this fact. But as time is progressing and scientists are learning more about the disease, it has now been clear that pregnant women are at potential risk of catching the virus. Thus, they should maintain their fair social distance and follow all precautionary measure. Dr Fauzia advises more or less the same safety measures for pregnant ladies.

“In addition, they should avoid drinking cold beverages as the weather is changing and any small infection can be dangerous given the current situation. Keep yourselves well hydrated and consume more fruits containing vitamin C.”

There is also a lot of questioning regarding if a mother catches the virus will it spread to the baby. Similar to researches mentioned previously, the results of researches on this topic showed little to no evidence of the fact that it can be transferred. But some of the most recent researches have shown an increase in the chances of the baby catching on to the virus. One similar case reported in Wuhan may have proven the possibility of verticle transmission from the mother to the baby during birth.

Some cases have also shown that mothers with coronavirus may have delivered their babies prematurely. But there is not a lot of evidence to support this.

The pandemic has caused everything to seem very stressful too. Panicking and stress are not very beneficial for women who are pregnant. It can lead them to face a lot of problems in their pregnancy. On this, Dr Fauzia said:

“In pregnancy, anxiety and stress are not good for the baby’s health. As these lead to high blood pressure in mothers, lower immunity levels (which has a bad effect on babies), pregnant ladies are at more risk of having miscarriages, pre-term labour pains, premature delivery, intrauterine growth restriction and low birth weight in babies.”

Dr Fauzia suggests some good ways to avoid feeling anxious and stressful which includes eating good food, adequate hydration, plenty of sleep, regular pregnancy exercise even yoga is very soothing. Most of all she suggested keeping in touch with Allah.

“And the most importantly – regular prayers, recitation of Quran, and trust in Allah,” she said

She advised pregnant women to constantly maintain contact with their doctors. If you feel a little under the weather, be sure to take your medication as the doctor has prescribed for you. Stay home, stay safe.


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