Do you know that children are natural philosophers? Yes, they are as they constantly ask ‘Why’ questions because they know that these questions can lead to further discussions. They keep on searching for meanings intensively and only get calmed when you justify their questions and demands.

While we are thinking about the different opportunities of learning through summer camps, we can also look for something that can enable the kids to think in a better way. Yes, building and molding thoughts is as important as fitness. Human make decisions based on their thoughts as it is mentioned in this quote by Eleanor.

“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words;
it is expressed in the choices one makes… and the
choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Kids will learn how to make better decisions if they will be able to start thinking.

Let’s bring an exciting opportunity for our teenage kids who feel excluded in the world of adults. Give them the environment where they can learn about individuality and self hood.

The Philosophy for Young Adults workshop is designed to engage students in philosophical inquiry, wherein participants will learn to apply critical thinking as a problem-solving skill to contexts both familiar and unknown. While the workshop will cover a span of 6 days in the summer, the learners will be equipped with the skills to make well-reasoned, informed decisions in the coming school year and beyond.

The workshop is multi-modal in nature, relying on a range of texts, videos, infographics and accessible extracts from film and literature. It will allow middle school students to experience philosophical reasoning with thought experiments, group discussions, presentations and written reflection sessions. Contents of the workshop will include concerns such as ethics, justice, freedom, identity, and epistemology.

Dates: 17th – 23rd June 2019
Time: 2 pm – 4 pm
Venue: 30-Z block, Phase 3 DHA, Lahore.
Price: Rs. 6500

The Last World has limited space available so reserve your spot at the earliest by registering at The Last Word Bookshop!


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