How becoming a Mommy has changed my view about parenting?
Ahhhh! The sleepless nights thingy was real. Damn Real!

Far away from all the fantasies you once had.

The lullabies weren’t that easy! Because your baby doesn’t want to hear them. All the time. Yes, it’s for real. No matter how melodious you might sound. But that’s how the game’s going to go.

Those mommy Hugs! The cuddles and making your child sleep on your chest was something you wanted once or even a few weeks after birth but NOT FOREVER!!!!

As quickly as your child grows, you become tired. Not in full mood to play, handle or soothe him just like you were just a few hours or even minutes back. The ever so confused motherhood. Is he hungry? No, umm! I think the diaper is loose. Or dirty. Or maybe. He is just not feeling good. Should we take him to the doctor? Yes! No! And the day goes on and on.

Everything could not be perfect. Things will get scattered. Your baby will make things dirty. Life could be a beautiful mess and that’s fine. Totally fine.

Enjoy this phase with your baby.

Let him understand this world and you. And feel free to know him and love him unconditionally. Because that’s what becoming a parent is all about.

Happy Parenting!

Mahnoor Ali

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Author. Social Activist and Founder at Once Upon a Time- Creative Writing Club. Mommy to a cute rabbit & microbiologist by profession.

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