Pakistani celebrities have been very dynamic and vocal about this global pandemic Covid-19. Every celebrity in their own way and style has used social media to spread awareness about the virus that continues to affect millions around the world  and urged people to stay safe.

Mahira Khan

Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay responsible.
We are in this together. We will be responsible together. And fight this together. Ameen.

Hamza Ali Abbasi shedding some light on the plight of Kashmiris who have been enduring lock down and other atrocities for decades. and we could’nt agree more.

Osman Khalid Butt expresses his thoughts on how it would be inhumane to completely isolate a patient testes positive for Covid-19.

Faysal Qureshi rightly so reminding us how Kashmiris must have felt under all the terror and grievances they have been facing since ages is nothing compared to a little lock down we are having.

Absolutely right Faysal !

Ahmed Ali Butt annoyed at people for not taking Covid-19 and still roaming around in the streets.

Well we agree ! But we do think some people have to go out as a necessity at times and with proper precautions that’s fine .

Amir Khan the boxing champ has wholeheartedly donated a large sum of money for helping in this time of chaos and helplessness. And also offered his boxing academy in Islamabad for a quarantine center.

That’s a big heart !! Great job Amir.

Armeena Khan distributed food packs for Pakistan and motivated people to help out and donate with whatever they could as in times like these every bit matters.

Kudos Armeena !

Maya Ali and Faiza Saqlain joined hands to distribute monthly rations to the hungry and needy families who have been badly effected by this lockdown.

Great going Maya Ali and Faiza Saqlain!

Ali Zafar contemplating and warning people about the intensity of the situation.

Mawra Hocane appreciating the real heroes in times like these for fighting on the front lines braver the war soldiers.

We salute the these real heroes ! The doctors, nurses, and medical staff who are working day in and day out to help people and protect us from this epidemic.

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