Since Ramazan is now in full swing mashallah and we are all stuck in this quarantine, we noticed almost everyone had decorated their house corners for the Ramazan festivity and spirituality. So we wanted to make a list of our favourite ones which were aesthetically great and felt so welcoming and warm.

And we think it is essential for us to make our kids familiar with the aspects of Ramazan and to inspire them to follow all the essence of it.

Here are some of our favourites:

Irfana Zameer

So here is my Ramadan prep which is still incomplete. For kids I am going to decorate a corner in their room what I have prepared :

A Salah Tracker:

I am going to give them reward for offering each prayers.

A good deeds tree.

Made a tree without leaves and the rule is that for every good deed a green leaf will be added to the tree and for  every bad deed a brown one will be added to the tree and eventually this will decide their how much Eidi they will get. Each good deed will add 10 points and for each bad deed 5 points will be deducted.

A soum counter.
A shining star will be pasted after every soum.

Some other things will also be added like: Ibadah checklist, some worksheets and books etc.


Huria kazmi

Let’s add some festivity and celebration into the month of Ramazan. I will keep on adding something into the decoration, so that till Eid we have a fully decorated dinning area. This will help me keep the Ramazan spirit alive for kids and they won’t think that Christmas is the only occasion when we decorate. Living in Canada, away from Pakistan you have make some special efforts.

Sana Mohsin

I made this Masjid and daily salaat reward system for my one and only daughter Maram. When she finishes all 5 salaats at night then I give her a chocolate or candy as rewards of performing her prayers.This act motivates her to perform prayers every day. You can also make the month of Ramazan more kid-friendly and exciting for your kids.

Falak Khaliq

This is how I decorated my house in the spirit of Ramazan and its festivities.

Sumbal Ali

I love the essence of Ramazan and all the blessings we are showered with in this holy month. This is how I decorated my Ramazan corner.

Amna Batool

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  • sadia says:

    Masha Allah all the decorations are beautiful and inspiring. decorating a Ramadan Corner is a great idea to motivate our children and make them understand about Fazal-e-Ramadan.

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