There are a number of summer camps going around with a lot of noise of offering the best services. A lot of mothers have enrolled their kids in camps started in June, but there are families who have been out of town for beating the heat and enjoying family time. For such families, companies and schools in Lahore have organized sessions in July as well that have completely new themes. It means that you don’t  have to regret as there are enough opportunities out there such as mentioned below.

Building Right Skills

Kingston college has it’s own name and fame in the city as many parents rely on the school admin to impart the right values and skills in kids. When its about co-curricular activities, the school is not lagging behind as this July, it is offering anticipated events and exciting activities for kids. There will be sessions about pottery, creative writing, arts and crafts, and story telling for all the kids who love literature. On the other hand, those who admire being good at spots can also enjoy horse riding, splashing while swimming, gymnastics and other sports. Free transportation and sports are additional benefits, so why not to enroll the kids today?
For registration, call 0308 545 4341.

Life Skills Altogether 

Giggles and Wiggles always focus on providing comfortable and enriched environment to kids by engaging them in best way possible. It brings the ideas that focus on life skills that stay with children throughout their life, so this year again it is going to bring exciting sessions. Personal grooming and hygiene are part of whole life, so Giggles and wiggles will be covering session about it and other skills such as communication skills, arts and crafts, language improvement, learning French, general knowledge, oral health awareness, building self-confidence, making new friends, developing physical and social intercultural skills, favourite profession, zumba and fitness and little chefs workshops.
For registration, call 0321-3778636

Creativity All Around

Bagh-Dastaan has the vision of reviving the belonging readers of Urdu language have for the language. Did you love reading Urdu novels in your youth, I still remember my friends chatting about the famous novels and their beautiful expression of describing it. Now it’s time for our kids to have the same pleasure as the must learn and communicate in Urdu. Bagh-Dastaan has come up with exciting workshops for reading and listening Urdu stories with the arts and crafts and full comprehension of the language. The weekend class for one hour is what your 3-6 years old kids need in this summer school. Nazia Jabreen who loves Urdu literature and have enough knowledge and experience of engaging kids will be doing the workshops. Bring your child close to culture by giving him/her the national language to read.
For registration, call 0323- 4799227


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