As soon as you expect. You start dreaming about all the events that you’ll be attending and enjoying with your little one. Be it any wedding, Eid, Parties or GTs. 

Even before becoming an Ammi I dreamt about everything I’m gonna do once he arrives. Even before my EDD was finalized, I planned on celebrating Bari Eid with my bundle of joy. 

Allhamdulillah! With the everlasting love and blessings of my Allah, it happend. Making me go all crazy and happy about it. 

We as parents- Mama Noor & Baba Bee, always wanted to do different, unique yet classy things for our Baby. And so we started from some cool customised rompers. 

Then the traditional Eid dress- Kurta Shalwar. Despite trying really hard, we failed to get that and so got them stitched from Nayel’s Dadi and wow! It actually was amazing. 

Day 1 was a never-ending one. It started exactly at 5. After setting Nayel back to bed I was in action, setting the balloons, decorating the Eid corner and all. 

And then waiting for him to WAKE UP! 

Well! With lots of tantrums and cry. The weather moods and nappy time we finally got nice clicks. And of course, Baba’s editing skills were so perfect that we relied on them. Totally!

Day 2 was better, because we were lucky enough to sleep well. Thanks Nayel! 

And the peach pink kurta shalwar caught my heart but again, the tantrums of not letting anyone capture his good picture. 

But we managed to take some. Which were enough to complete our Eid Memories

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