On the journey of becoming a mother, not only do you change physically but emotionally as well. The changes your body and brain endure are surprising. Have you ever noticed how drastically your priorities change when you become a mother?

Be it for the first time or fourth. It is special- very special! Here are few significant changes that we all Ammis can relate to. 

Becoming less Selfish:

Once you only thought about yourself, and everything you wanted. But is it the same now? After becoming an Ammi?

If we think carefully, most of the choices we made were previously just restricted to us, but now this changes! As soon as your little person takes the first place in your heart –you let everything else fall behind and put this little person before yourself. And that’s a miracle in itself.

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More Aware of everything:

Yes, you are becoming more conscious and aware of every little thing and detail around you. You become more sensitive to details around and you want to protect your baby from the world. This sense of responsibility and care makes you a person who’s a hundred times more mindful of all the things.

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Changing Priorities:

Your priorities change as soon as you have the baby in your hands and actually before it also. Isn’t it surprising? How you start putting yourself after someone, and you never thought of it. Things that were important, are no longer that dear to you, funny-isn’t it? Because for you everything revolves around your little baby now.

Mom and son feet - This reminds me of my boy and I because I took a picture like this of us last summer 2013.

Becoming health and money conscious:

Yes! You are your baby’s doctor, nutritionist, advisor and what not? Becoming an Ammi makes you a person you never thought of becoming. You start saving money, finally! You start avoiding unhealthy things. You start planning for the future and invest your time in long term planning. 

Forgiving & Patient:  

Patience and forgiveness comes free with Ammihood. You are actually controlling your mood swings, anger, stress and what not? You start easing in for things you were once rigid for after having a baby.

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A new perspective on your relation with Baba!  

You start seeing your partner from a different perspective. You start loving him more when you know how awesome he is as a dad. How concerned he is about the child and how much he loves him. You start forgiving him for his shortcomings and love him more. Aww!

Inspiration For Pregnancy and Maternity : Just stunning

You finally understand your Parents:

You start loving your parents more. Start understanding them and appreciate their sacrifices. Yeah! That’s true. You actually understand your parents after becoming a parent yourself. 

Age shown through hands

Becoming a little Boring, Oh my Mom! 

We as Ammis, somehow become boring. In an urge of becoming a perfect Ammi we forget to have fun. It’s good to be aware, conscious and careful but don’t let this overcome the fun between you and your baby. Ever! Enjoy you time and don’t let that kid inside you sleep.

Happy Motherhood! 

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