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Mauqa is the answer to my working Ammi dilemma

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As a working mother, I have learned to compromise that my house will never be spick and span during the weekdays. But I use my weekends to work on my house and put it in order. NY dream has always been to be able to engage a cleaning service that comes to my house on weekends and does deep cleaning of my house. A home cleaning service that is reliable, professional, and verified has been a dream and I was delighted to learn that Mauqa provides these services in Lahore.

Mauqa works through an online App and it’s super simple and effective to book a domestic helper through them.
I booked their deep cleaning service and engaged cleaners to come over and do a true deep cleaning of my house, getting into all the nooks and crannies.
The result was a spanking clean house.
Mauqa doesn’t just provide cleaners! They have a huge array of service providers ranging from baby sitters to cooks, kitchen helpers, laundry women, and cleaners.
The BEST part about hiring through Mauqa is knowing that you are engaging a helper who has had a detailed security check and verification done.
Planning to book them again next weekend!
Here are some customer testimonials:
“Okay so I tried
Mauqa Online
And they won my heart
1)They were there at the exact time
2)following all sops
I hired them for the deep cleaning of my house and oh my it was sparkling and spotless
10/10 for their efficiency
10/10 for their way of cleaning
Even the toughest spots were cleared out a must-try” – Amina Manno

“Hey, so our maid has been unwell and we have left to cleaning rooms ourselves, which is not an issue but you tend to ignore the nitty-gritty when you’re cleaning rooms while handling kids and work.
I got the chance to get deep cleaning services by
Mauqa Online
I read a lot of reviews on them so I wasn’t too sure but then I just had to let someone do the cleaning bit, and tell them all the areas I’ve neglected and they are getting to me now.
The helper came 30 mins late but instantly started working his magic.
We had to provide all the materials but it was quite a relaxing day to let someone else handles your nitty-gritty spots!” Huma Mobin
“I’m working Mom of three kids, with job and Kids I have always struggled to keep the house clean. Also, my maid left, and it was getting so difficult managing everything all by myself. So I contacted Mauqa online, I have been using their services for quite some time now. They are so efficient and reliable.
I would recommend Mauqa online. The service they provide is excellent. They exceed my expectations every time. The lady that came for work was so professional and did a great job at a very reasonable rate. Well worth the money.” Samavia Masood

Yes, all my maids one by one gone due to domestic issues at their end so this time l am not worried about how many days they want off.
Ahan! Yes, here comes Mauqa online. As a blessing coz, every one day or other I just book my service and here they go.
All work is done. No hassle pasel to find help and they are always on time and always follow sop. Their staff is trained and well behaved.
I will say one good service is much needed in this pandemic of Corona virus.
Booking 10/10
Service 10/10
Money value 10/10” Gullzaib Ijaz

Visit us: https://mauqa.online/

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