My name is Maria Afsheen I am a single mother taking care of my only son. During my life, I have suffered a lot. I faced abused by my husband, faced harassment, went through multiples DNCS. I had no moral support and my family left me behind as they were not nice people. After my sons birth I got pregnant for the fifth time but by 4 months I had to go through a DNC. Following that, I went through a tube pregnancy operation and never fully recovered from it. My muscles started aching the entire time and because of my hormonal issues, I started suffering from depression and anxiety. 

During this time no one supported me, I was my own person fighting my battles while taking care of son. To make it worse my husband divorced me and the symptoms of depression worsened. I learnt the hard way that I had to be strong for my son and he is the biggest reason why I don’t lose hope. Seeing my son happy takes my depression away even if it’s for a bit. I am a single mom and the dependency of financial and moral support is a hard job while taking care of my son. Recently I was introduced to Scary Ammi and they have become my new support as that lacks in my life. My life only revolves around my son and he is truly the only blessing I have in my life.

To be alone in a time like this is a low feeling and sometimes the thoughts I have are the not the best ones but I am trying to be strong for my kid. He calls me his super mama and for him, I will continue to do so.

Maria Afsheen

About Maria Afsheen

A single mother of 1 son facing clinical depression while remaining strong and taking care of her son!

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