Some easy DIY for Mother’s Day. Now, making Mother’s Day special for your Ammi is really easy. 

A Morning Snack

Make a morning snack for her. She would love to have a bed tea or morning tuck. Even breakfast, if you’re making it for her. Make her day special, bake a brownie or cookies or pancakes. And serve it with a hot cup of tea. Making the start of her day exceptional and unique. 

Breathtaking Canvas Photo

Canvas prints can be a breathtaking idea. Choose the picture she loves and print it over the canvas. She would not only love it but treasure it in her heart for years to come. If you have a Canvas, wow! Go print the picture now and paste it over it. You can also paint the edges of the canvas to make it look more attractive. Don’t have a canvas? Don’t worry. Hard boards can do the job. You can simply cut it of the desired size and paste the picture over it. And, Tada! It’s ready.

Light canvas print with led mother's day quote birds love painting ...

Colorful Keychains

Ammis have keys, lots of them. Car Keys, Wardrobe Keys, Door Keys and so and so and so and what could be better than making a key chain for your Ammi. Nothing! The keychains won’t only protect her keys but also brighten her day. Collect the keychains that are not in use, discard the old drapes and add all new looks to it. You can add beads to it, cut a flower or letters from the glitter foam sheet and hang it along. You can simply punch a hole of desired size using a punching machine and yes! There it is. A beautiful keychain, made by you. 

Funky Bracelets

Bracelets can never get old. Be it the friendship bands or love bands. Show your Ammi how much you love her, simply by making a bracelet for her that she can keep with herself forever. Simply use a fish wire or safety pins and beads to make something amazing that can make her jewelry collection trendy. Take any of her bracelets to get an idea about the size. Mold the fish wire according and add on. If you don’t have beads at home, go and get some pasta. Paint it and add it into the string. To make it look colorful, don’t forget to paint the pasta. 

 Family Photo Notepad

Ammis usually love keeping a notepad for writing notes, cards and special memories. You can make it special and memorable by personalizing it. Add a family portrait or photo from a trip or a picture of her college days and present it to her. Not only will she enjoy writing in her new journal but feel fresh and revived every time she opens it. 

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    mothers are the precious gift of Allah, thank you for sharing the great ideas for mothers day gift.

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