Raising the quality of education is absolutely essential in our country. With almost a major chunk of children sitting out of school and most educational institutes not paying attention to the types of teachers they are hiring, our education system is lacking big time. Only a small portion of schools – private or high-class ones – may be the ones focusing on the quality of education their teachers are providing to the students.

In our session with Punjab’s education minister Mr Murad Raas, he informed us that the decision of declaring the license to teach mandatory is under-consideration with the government. Similar to a lot of countries, Pakistan too will be promoting teachers to apply for a license before they can start teaching. This will probably will be a pretty good decision to bring up the quality of education in Pakistan. There will be plenty of benefits of teacher licensing which include the assurance of the parents in the teachers’ knowledge, their levels of professionalism and the way they will be teaching their pupils.

The teachers who are planning on just getting started with this career will probably benefit the most from this initiative. But according to some teachers, this will also bring along a lot of challenges. “It will be a good thing in future keeping the quality of education in mind but as for now, many people might lose their jobs due to competence, if the institutes take it on seriously,” said Nazahat ul Zahra, a homeroom teacher in a private school in Lahore.

This is probably true but some steps will be necessary to take in order to ensure our coming generations are provided with the best quality of education. But as for now, the minister did not say when this initiative will take place which might mean there is still time.


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