After the reports of patients recovering from COVID-19 surfaced the news, every country fighting the spread is deliberating whether or not to try and use plasma therapy on their own patients. Doctors all over the world have found strong evidence that coronavirus patients who are critical may be able to recover after they were infused the blood plasma of people who already recovered from the virus.

10 patients were reported to have experienced the shortening of the symptoms after they received the ‘convalescent therapy’. They also reported feeling their oxygen levels improve and their virus load decrease.

This method of getting severely ill people to recover is nothing new. Medical professionals have been using it for a long time. The blood plasma is collected from the people who have recovered from a certain disease and is injected into the bodies of people who are still suffering from it.

How does this work?

As a person is fighting a disease or an infection, their body is constantly releasing the antibodies that are needed to kill the virus. These antibodies stay in that person’s blood fighting the virus until it is gone for good. When the person has actually recovered properly, those antibodies rest in the liquid part of the blood waiting to fight the virus if it comes back. As that blood plasma from the recovered person enters the body of an infected individual, it is able to recognise the same infection and fight it.

Will it work?

According to the results up till now, it appears to be pretty reassuring and safe. But the medical professionals suggest proper clinical trials to understand its true effect on a large group of patients. Another thing that the doctors are focusing on is that the patients who recovered from this therapy were also receiving other treatments as well. It is possible that these other treatments worked along with blood plasma therapy.

In order to determine whether or not if this is the case, various countries have ordered clinical trials. A trial will also be carried out in Pakistan.


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    so, if plasma therapy is working, it is good news for us that at last, we can get rid of the coronavirus. Thank you for sharing the precious information

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