International Preschool Curriculum is working worldwide for running 100 schools while maintaining the best standards of education. This year, IPCE Summer camp is bringing another opportunity for kids to not only recognize their interest, but also to put a foundation to the lifelong learning. Yes, I am talking about the vision of Natasha Haq, the principal of IPC Center in Lahore, Pakistan. Her philosophy of making a difference in early years is a new concept in Pakistan’s education system as she believes in 21st century based learning curriculum.

I want to provide a fun and adventurous environment to the kids where they have full opportunity to learn according to their interests and abilities.

The education psychologists say that it is essential for teachers and parents to recognize the interests of students and this can be easily seen in IPC Aziz Avenue, Lahore.

We hardly see educationists in Pakistan who work with the vision of making students more positive and adventurous learners, but it is visible in IPC Aziz Avenue.

Have you ever thought of engaging your child in productive activities in summers. IPC Campus will provide your child with home like environment and encourage them to interact with students from all good schools.

Creative Expression
Focusing on natural expression of children, IPC is arranging exciting creative writing classes in both English and Mandarin Language. Let your child be creative and be in the world of creativity, imagination and illustration through painting and carts classes.

Public Speaking
While recognizing the needs of today’s world, the sessions on public speaking are the right target for those kids who feel shy in talking with others. Give your child the confidence of public speaking by bringing him to IPC summer camp.

Music and Fun
Children love expressing themselves through music and arts, so why not to enroll your kid in one of the music classes in IPC? What about learning keyboard, flute and guitar. Everything is here in our summer camps.

Baking/Culinary Arts
Does your child likes mixing different things and cratering a new thing then he might be eager to go to the kitchen. Teaching safety rules in using the kitchen and making yummy dishes is what your child should learn.

Swimming & Taekwondo  
Is your child a sporty boy/girl and loves water? If yes, then the swimming classes are for him to have fun in IPC pool.

Here is what Aiemn Aziz, a 8 years old girl
                              says about swimming class, “ I love going
                          to the pool and it first feels cold and then warm
                               in the pool. I love the IPC summer camp.”

Learning how to build body and using skills is also practiced through taekwondo.

Ballerina, Ballet and Aerobics
Moving your body to have fun while dancing is kids’ favorite activity. IPC knows very well what the kids love, so it has arranged Balerina, Ballet and Aerobics classes in the campus for kids, so they can have the best experiences.

Aloha, robotics. brain gym
Robotics and brain gym is all what your kids needs because the classes connect with their attention span and the teacher let the kids practice the right exercises such as eye-coordination.

This camp is divided in different age groups from 2 years till 12 years of age. The school is offering Cre-che program for toddlers which is a school readiness program that will prepare them for the next years in academic system. You might be wondering about the location of the centre. The location is in the middle of the city on the Canal Bank Gulberg 5 which is close to Zafar Ali Road.

For registration, call 0300-9479542



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