A young and enthusiastic psychiatrist named Yasmin Butt organizes laughter therapy every Yasmin Butt Scary Ammimonth for different age groups. When a person enters the laughter therapy room, he/she feels hesitant in the company of a number of strangers, but soon the awkwardness replaces with showers of laughter. What is the magic behind laughter therapy? Let’s hear it from one and only creator of laughter therapy sessions, Yasmin Butt.

What is Laughter therapy?
Laughter therapy is a stress management exercise that includes 20-25 exercises of 60 seconds long in which the participants laugh aloud. It is a group laughter therapy where the laughter sends a message to your brain that your happy.

Is it fake laughter or real laughter?
It starts with forced laughter, but it becomes contagious and real as well when people starts laughing in a funny way.

Is Laughter therapy suitable for everyone?
What I have seen that mostly people between the age of 35-70 are more interested in laughter therapy as they are rather indulged in tiring jobs or could not find time for laughing with their families.

What are the Benefits of Laughter therapy for mothers?
Married and busy mothers with serious and boring routine mostly spend most of their time in taking care of the kids, shouting and being aggressive on them. Mothers hardly take care of themselves and their kids as well. Laughter therapy works as a pain relief for the pain receptor in their brain, so if they feel tired, they start feeling good and happy.

Can you please tell what are other benefits of laughter therapy?
It improves sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure and balances mood. Furthermore, it also improves work performance, focus and cardiac health.

Laughter creates dopamine in their brain which a chemical of happiness, once they receive it, they start feeling good. I have encountered a mother saying “ I don’t remember the last time I have laughed.”

Is laughter therapy a kind of medicine?
Laughter therapy is alternative to medication as it replaces stress and anxiety with good experience of being together.

How important is laughter?
Laughter is important as it gives a message to your brain that you are happy and living a full life. It relates with your mental health that indicates that you are overall healthy.

Laughter therapy is magical. Isn’t it? Scaryammi has attended a number of laughter therapies and knows their impact, so now she recommends you too to come and have one of the best experience with other mothers in the next session.

Yasmin Butt is a Counselling Psychologist practicing in the field for the past ten years. She is also the member of International Council of Professional Therapists (ICPT) London. UK and the founder The Support Group


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