Has the Pandemic stopped you from celebrating the arrival of your baby or plan a baby shower? Not now! Because here are some amazing, exciting and unique ideas of planning a virtual baby shower. 

Virtual Baby Shower Ideas and Planning Tips

Ammis-to-be, we know how eager you are to celebrate this time and phase of your life. And we would never let you down. 

Do you know what a virtual baby shower is? It is when you celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby online rather than in person. Quarantine has taught us social distancing and how to make the best out of such situations in life. Be it a birthday party, Mother’s Day, Bridal Shower or a BABY SHOWER. Now you can do anything and everything at home.

In a unique way, without the fear of catching the virus. 

Prepare E-Invites:

Yes! Your guests should feel special and honored. Even if the party is planned online. You have to give them the feeling and sense of actually attending a get-together. E-invites are good idea of inviting your peeps over for a baby shower and show them how thoughtful you are. 

How to Throw Virtual Baby Shower during COVID19 by Jennifer Clark

Decide the Venue: 

You are away from the hassle of booking a hall or a restaurant for your baby shower. Just choose the venue virtually and YAS! You are good to go. Check out the virtual venues available such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts etc and choose the one most suitable for you and your guests. 

Sending the Care Package:

Few days before the shower you can simply send a care package to your guests. The pack will have all the essential they will be needing for the party. If they are supposed to play a game, send them the things they will be needing for it. You can add a thank you note and gift for your guests as well. This will make your party more charming and full of life. 

Baby Shower Virtual Party Script - Go Party Scripts

Games & Activities:

Make your baby shower exciting, play games and plan fun activities. Grab your guest’s interest and let them feel revived. Here are few games you can play. 

Quizzes – Everyone loves a good quiz so let’s test their knowledge about you, your partner and your pregnancy.

Yes! The Price is Right- An important and frequently played game of all times whenever hosting a virtual baby shower is “The Price is Right!” 

Choose an item from your Baby Stuff and let the guests guess its price. Someone guessing price of most of the items could be given a gift such as wipes, nappies or soother. Aha! 

Guessing Ammi’s Measurements – Everyone in the video link gets to guess the Ammi’s weight and Bump size. 

Love letters –Let all the guests write a small note to you and have them post it. Anything from giving advice, to good wishes for you or to your new baby. You could add them into your baby record book as a beautiful keepsake.

Capture the Moment:

Take pictures. Make videos. Capture each and everything. Make these memories and preserve them forever.

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There’s nothing wrong in celebrating the arrival of your baby even if its done virtually. You have done it for your baby and is a great thing to keep it in his/her record book.

Don’t let this pandemic overcome your creativity or skip special moments in life. 

Stay home and continue to cherish little moments. And most importantly enjoy yourself!

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