Do you ever feel that your kid is holding a lot of things in him/her that they want to share but does not find the courage to do so? If yes then don’t worry. It is very normal these days and kids these days may be struggling to get their life together. They might not say it but they need you to hear what they have to say. Try to take some time for your kids from your busy schedule and here are some tips that would definitely help you in talking to your kids and able them to open up about the things they want to share.

Some kids are very talkative and they can talk about anything at any time but some kids are shy comparatively and demand a proper comfortable environment before they finally start talking. If you are already trying to talk to your kid but it is not helping, try the following tips that are proven useful. 

Ask questions

Ask your kid random questions like “How was your day?”, “How was the ride?” , “How was your teacher, what did she taught you today?”, or “How was your best friend doing today?”. These questions would make them talk and show that you have a keen interest in their life and you are concerned about what is going on. Your little questions will play a big role in the process of their opening up process with you about absolutely anything. If you know about their best friend’s names, mention names and talk about them and ask questions like “Did you both ate together today?” to make sure your kid is not living isolation. Ask them about who they played basketball with? Or who joined them in lectures? Not too fluent but randomly, just keep reminding them that you care about them.


Whenever your kid comes to you and tries to say something, just listen. It happens very often that kids come and talk about something, other times they are just afraid of being judged and scolded by parents, especially mothers. Listening is the silent message that you have time for them and their discussions are important for you. This would not only allow them to speak but they will adopt the listening habit too. Tell your kids that listening to someone who has a lot of things to say is a good thing. Listening helps you to explore your kid. Their ideas, useless and unfinished discussions about nothing make a better understanding of what actually goes in their minds. 

Select a topic for discussion

Another very vital and useful tip is to select a topic that really helps you in opening your kid’s thoughts and tongue. Trust the fact that our kid has a lot of things to talk about, they just don’t find enough energy that it takes to talk to an adult. Your behave when talking is the reason your kid becomes quiet or talkative. Make sure that all thoughts of your kids are delivered and they have enough confidence to talk to you about anything they feel like discussing. 

Watch your Actions

How many times have you ignored your kid because there is so much they have to say and there is no time in your busy schedule to sit and listen to them? This doesn’t apply to every mom, only applicable to working mothers. Your kid may be afraid of your excuses like “Sorry baby, I am busy right now!”, or “Will talk about this some other time”. Or maybe sometimes you release your work exaggeration on your kids unintentionally. A tip is when your kid comes up with anything, never deny hearing and always being there, no matter what! It really does not have to matter if you are in the middle of a meeting or anything. If you listen to your little one calling “Maaammmaaaa you know what” just skip everything and listen to your kid. 

Bedtime conversation

Whatever you do becomes your child’s habit. Make sure your kid needs you when they are sleeping. Conversations in bed are more honest and straight. Your kid will tell you the things he was afraid of telling all day long. Tell your kid a story that gives a lesson, or tells them something you always wanted to say. About how you want them to see succeeding in every field of life and how you want them to be when they grow up. Your motivational lectures will be more effective at bedtime when nothing else will be in their minds and they are at peace.  

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