Keeping kids busy is an important task especially when kids are on vacation so that they never lose interest in a busy routine. When you keep kids busy on vacations you got to spend time with your kids and get to know about their interests, likes, dislikes, activities, and imagination. Kid’s world is very colorful and they are capable of thinking anything beyond expectations because for them everything is possible. There are a few exciting ways that are really helpful in keeping your kids busy and involved. 


When it comes to doing an activity that is interesting and healthy, what else could be better than gardening? Tell your kids why plantation is important and how plants contribute to our environment. Tell them about different trees, take them to gardens and parks, and do not be afraid of your child’s hands getting messy with soil as it is a basic human need. from vegetables that grow beneath the earth to the fruits that grow on plants and trees, tell your kid every detail that just doesn’t increase them in knowledge but also helps them in investing their time in productive activity. cutting grass and maintaining the sizes of plants must also be taught. this will increase their love for plants and they will take care of their plants as if these are the little kids. provide them with every essential tool that is required for gardening that may include 

  • wheelbarrow
  • digging spade
  • garden towel
  • fork hoe
  • garden knife
  • heavy duty hoe
  • garden secateurs

Create a summer diary

Tell your kids to convert an ordinary book into a summer diary by decorating the book into different themes, colors, designs, shapes or embellish them with ribbons, buttons or beads. guide them to write about what they did the whole day, what have they learn today, what are their future plans, wishes, perspectives about the universe and everything they want to speak. once they are done writing a diary.  Now it is your turn to take some time out and read the book. This is how you will make a better understanding of your children’s mindset and also be able to help your kids achieve their goals and follow their dreams. ever tell your kid about the impossibilities of this world rather than encourage them to go for anything they ever wanted to do or achieve in their life. 

Maintain a to-do list

When it comes to reminding your kid over and over again to do something, they become tantrum and also be hard to deal with. To make them accountable for the tasks that you want to get done, simply make a to-do list and tell them to tick every task that accomplishes. Give them a little treat for accomplishing every task that may be candy, thank you note, or maybe chocolate so that they will be looking forward to another reward and will be happy doing tasks you have assigned. this will help them in maintaining an organized lifestyle even when they are all grown up and got to deal with bigger and difficult tasks. 

Mini chef 

The kitchen is that part of the house where you spend most of your time. Let your kids be your kitchen partner and encourage them to make their own dishes. They may mess up everything but that’s how we learn. Tell them to use spatulas accurately. Give them easy recipes and help them in cutting as well. let them help you in getting ingredients and also to remind you when it is the time to open an oven. this way not only you will keep your kids busy but also able you to spend a lot of time with your kids. 



What more exciting than playing with colors? Join your kids in coloring your backyard or their bedroom. This is one of the best ways that help kids in expressing their creativity and imagination. This activity might be messy but will make your kid happy and you two will have fun. painting is an activity that keeps your children engaged for a long time and also makes them more creative. there are many ways by which you can get your kid engaged with colors. initially provide them with pencil color or crayons and colorless drawings to let them insert colors of their own choices. The next step is to let them draw and color. give them different types of colors such as watercolors, pencil colors, crayons, oil paints and other material along with paper sheets and cardboard. you will see the things you never imagine and their unique and brilliant perspectives will change your idea about this world. 

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