Across the globe, millions of people are confined in their houses with little to no activities available for them to carry out. In times like these, the only thing we turn to is social media. After all, humans are social animals and when they cannot physically interact with others, they have moved to the only other platform they know will fill this void. The engagement rates have doubled on Instagram and Facebook ever since the lockdown started. And TikTok has surpassed every other social media platform with thousands of people going online and making videos.

On top of everything else, Skype and Zoom have seen an astonishing surge in their number of users. This may be due to all the online classes but people are having their personal virtual meetups too. People are anxious and they are in need of support. But most of all, they need to feel in touch with their loved ones is more than ever and these platforms provide means to fulfil this need.

I, myself, have been conducting various virtual meetups with my cousins and friends. In fact, we have celebrated my parents’ anniversary and my sister’s birthday in the same manner by having people on video calls with us. You never know I might be having virtual iftar parties too.

These are some uncertain times and it is incredible how people are more than willing to come together and make each other feel better. The social media culture is known to be selfish and toxic but the way it has turned out to be in this global pandemic is amazing. All those bingos and various other challenges going around? I know they made my time pass a little better and it must have done the same for hundreds of other people too. It is quite uplifting to go online and know that you are not in this alone. The whole world is faced with the same situation and everyone understands.

Social media has brought us closer than ever, celebrities, fans, everyone. It has motivated us, let us know it is okay to feel a little under the weather these days. Most important of all, it has provided us with tons of different activities to make this time a little worth the while.

I know when this all is over, this practice of online education and work will provide us all with tons of new opportunities. It will be easier to find worthy work from home jobs (even though I am done with it already *eye roll*) and to acquire good online education.


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