This time may be quite peaceful for introverts but staying in is a job not everyone can carry out easily. 

After multiple debates and various TV talk shows arguing about the actions taken by our government, two of the major provinces of Pakistan have opted for a lockdown. This means all public and private organisations will manage to work from home, public transport will not be functional, overall movement within the cities will be limited. I, among every other working individual, have started working from home too. The first day in and I already know how the following month will pan out.

Jokes apart, working from home is really not an easy job and I am not the only one to say this. Mothers have it even harder. Aside from working, the lockdown is difficult for a lot of people as some step out of the house to take a break from all the toxicity going around them. Plus, staying confined in one place for a long time can have a negative impact on your mental health as well.

It gets depressing as hell. One minute everything seems okay, the next minute, it is back to being stressful,” Insha Fatima explains her situation during social distancing. I’m pretty sure a lot of people out there will be able to relate.

During this time, business owners are facing one the most difficult times as no one knows when the operations will be going back to normal. Teachers are taking online classes were trying to fix the poor internet connection takes up more time than the class itself. Overall, these are some confusing times.

There are a lot of challenges we will have to face while working from home during this lockdown. But I believe we are fighting a bigger cause. I hope the situation settles down soon and we can get back to our normal routines,” said Javeria Adil who is also working from home. She also mentioned that not being able to be close to your friends and loved ones is also one of the most difficult parts of this situation.

These examples of people struggling to work and keep things close to normal shows that we have not given up and succumbed to the virus. These times are testing but none of us can let things we have worked for go to waste. We just have to hold on, direct ourselves to something comforting when it gets too much and keep fighting. For some good TV shows and book, you can also try reading ‘3 Top Reads For Your Days At Home’ and ‘5 TV Shows To Watch During These Holidays

Hafsa Adil Chughtai

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