Ramadan is finally knocking at our doors. Ammis and Kids, are you ready? Here are some fun activities for you to perform at home and make this Ramadan full of joy and delight. 
  • Home Mosque 

Construct a mosque at home. First of all, draw a rough sketch on a piece of paper. Now, collect the things you will be needing such as cardboard boxes, cardboard rolls, aluminum foils, cones, colors, crayons, paints and newspapers. 

Using the cardboard boxes, build the walls of your mosque. Now decorate them as per your choice and place the praying mat inside. To make it look more interesting, you can place a lamp inside and some flowers. And here it is, your cute home-made mosque. 

  • Kaaba Sadqa Boxes 

Making the Sadqa boxes can be fun and exciting. Have your tried making one yet? If not, start today. You can simply use an old box, cover it with a chart-paper and decorate it. Here’s how; 

ACTIVITY] DIY Kaaba Sadqa Box | Noor Kids

  • Ramadan Sun Catchers

Decorate your windows with these beautiful sun catchers for catching the sunlight after Sehri. Draw them over the chart-paper, cut them nicely and add the translucent sheets along. Wow! The sun catchers are ready to give your house a traditional look. 

ramadan crafts and activities for kids

  • Tree of Good Deeds

It’s time to act nicely. Develop good habits and keep a record of all the good deeds you’ve performed. Ammis! Help kids draw a tree of deeds for themselves and make them record their good deeds daily! Trust me! It’s going to help A LOT! 


  • Ramadan Hadith/Dua Calendars

Make a Ramadan Calendar and write the new Hadith or Dua you’ll be learning during Ramadan. This will help you keep a record of the things you’ve learned.

Ramadan Advent Calendar: each flap reveals a hadith to learn or a ...
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