Younger kids love splashing in water, especially at times when there are other kids playing and enjoying being wet. Learning about water safety is important and children cannot do it if they never have experienced swimming. Summer is the right time when you being the super concerned Scaryammi can take your child towards learning swimming.
Other than being a great exercise, swimming can build up your child’s confidence. Swimming is also good for eye-coordination and toning of muscles of your 3-5 years old kids. Let’s have a look on different swimming summer camps that you can enroll your child in, so they can learn the best fitness skills.

IPC Aziz Avenue Swimming Camp

Now your child can learn swimming by professionals available in IPC Aziz Avenue Campus. The camp will cover different new and exciting strokes and games. They will learn how to confidently swim in water with all the knowledge and practice of water safety.
The instructors will pay attention on breathing control exercise and developing fast and strong motion of arms of children. The kid will gradually become comfortable in taking horizontal position. Classes will also cover kicking, propulsion and back movements.
For registration, call 0300-9479542

Sings of Spring- We are Making Tomorrow Swimming Camp

Let your child have incredible swimming experience by swimming in the pools of Signs of spring-We are making Tomorrow. The safe and friendly environment can make your child splash in the water with fun. 4 months-12 years old kids will learn swimming through guided play through sessions especially designed for infants and toddlers.
Experienced guidance will be part of sessions for teaching swimming techniques. They are offering flexible timings, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s extra tuition classes.
For registration, call 0321-4600985

The Smart School Swimming Camp

Smart swimming pool always invites people of all ages to swim and have fun in the water.
You child will be learning about personal and social skills does not remain untouched as swimming sessions also cover enough social activities within water. The best feature of this swimming camp is that families can also enroll for separate sessions.
From 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, there will be continuous swimming class, so you just have to see where your children’s schedules match.
For registration, call 0323-4022227

Fitness 365 Swimming Classes

If you have young or teenage girls and you are worried about their swimming classes that provides enough security then you have to go straight to Fitness 365. The club provides swimming classes under the supervision of professional trainers who teach will train girls about basic swimming floating, kicking techniques, fitness exercise, breathing skills and aqua aerobics.
Timing of classes of girls is from 1:00-2:00 pm, so you can easily enroll your girls there. Let’s not get late and avail the opportunity as soon as possible for maximum advantage.
For registration, call 0321-4425269


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