What was your experience with Drive-Thru Graduation?

The experience was great. In fact, to be honest we weren’t expecting the kind of response and attention that our Drive-by Graduation received. On our part, we were just being innovative trying to work around a simple idea as we had been dearly missing our students and wanted to make them feel special for their graduation. So this was a way where we could all see each other as well as honor their achievements while still being safe. It was amazing to see our students and their parents feeling proud and valued while our staff waved and cheered on for them as they drove by and collected their certificates and little tokens of appreciation. It went on to become a truly memorable day!

What type of dressing did you choose?

We wore graduation gowns and caps and of course face masks to keep safe.

Did you feel bad for having a different type of graduation ceremony?

Under normal circumstances we would have loved to have formal graduation, however, the drive-by graduation was lots of fun too. It was heartwarming to see the students enjoying this different format, all excited in their graduation caps and beaming smiles. The feedback we received from them was that it was better than McDonald’s drive-thru. =D

How did you celebrate your graduation?

We held Virtual graduation which our staff and students (some of them even abroad) attended which was followed by a Drive-by Graduation.

Did you plan something different for your graduation ceremony which you couldn’t go with because of the current pandemic?

Of course, if things were normal, we had planned an elaborate event to honor our graduates’ achievements

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