DIY – Science Birthday Party by Rani.


1) Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m from Karachi and did my higher education from Manchester University, USA after that I worked in the USA, Turkey, Costa Rica, and Pakistan. After marriage, I moved to Lahore and now I’m enjoying my motherhood and doing all kinds of fun things with my little one. I do the entire pick and drop myself and keep looking for fun activities. I’m a very hands-on/helicopter mother and my life revolves around my daughter.
I try to make every little thing special for her and her friends. Her friends call me the goodie bags aunty because I give out goodie bags on all sorts of occasions even for the first day of school, Eid, Halloween, X-mas, Valentine days and the end of the school year.

2) Do you have an art-related educational background?

3) How did you find yourself interested in this field?
I come from a very creative family, have been seeing this most of my life, so it comes naturally.

4) Such interesting themes! How did u come up with them?
I let the birthday girl choose the theme. It’s all about her special day.

5) How much time did it take you to decide a theme and then working on it?
It depends on how much personalization I want to do. Taking every kid’s picture with their information is the hardest part. Planning takes me two days max, this birthday end-end took me two weeks, with my mom helping me.

6) Is it easy?
With my OCD everything has to be perfect. I end up doing everything myself, from pasting stickers, to making goodie bags. My little one always helps but after she goes to sleep I redo which takes more time. I cry in the bathroom. I get overwhelmed and every time on her big day something happens that gets upsetting although my family is very supportive and helps me, I have very good friends who help me as well.

7) Let’s talk about the recent science-themed birthday? How did you think of it?
My daughter wanted a science theme; she knows exactly what she wants and how it should be. She wanted safety goggles and lab coats to be painted and she had been after me to make each pocket a different colour, half the sleeve had to be one colour and other in another colour which looked amazing and the ID cards were my idea. She picked all the science games on her party; she knows exactly what she wants in her goodie bags. I have to do the labels but she helps paste them.

8) Where do you get inspiration from and how did you implement it?
Everything is online now and that makes life very easy. Implementing is the hard part. There are so many things you like online and you can do whatever you like and even change as you go along with the idea. I do everything my self. So the cost is very low. But if I put everything like Science fuss, Labcoat, Safety goggles, Goodies bags, Food per child it cost 3000.

9) Is resourcing easy in Pakistan?
Not really as you don’t know when ordering something online if it will come on-time and will you like it or will they run away with your money.
Also, it helps when you know where to get the things from, I always try to work with what I can find and reuse them.

10) Any advice to moms who want to be DIY moms but aren’t that creative?
Everyone is creative in their way. You just don’t know how creative you are, you never had the opportunity or people around you to encourage. Yesterday, a very good friend of mine said that my daughter has become so confident (Mashallah). It’s only because when she had any idea good or bad I let her do it. She got encouraged or learn from her mistakes. No one is born perfect. We had more than our share of mistakes, trust me. In the picture, you only see everything perfect but what happened behind is a different story.


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