DANCEATHON 2.0 was the largest ever female fitness event to take place in Pakistan and is revolutionizing the way Ammis across the country view fitness. In a city like Lahore and a country like Pakistan where the only entertainment women are fond of is fashion and food, fun during fitness or fitness for fun is an idea that is unheard of. But on Saturday 29th February more than 600 women took part in this mega event and left Nishat Hotel, Johar Town, out of breath, sweaty but with their hearts racing and excitement at a peak.


“Oh my God, this was unbelievable,” said Sana Zaman, her face glistening in glow paint and her forehead all shiny with sweat.

“I don’t think I have ever worked out like this with so many women and to such high-intensity tracks,” said Amna Kardar, TV host and makeup artist.

The workout consisted of a warmup and then a high-intensity workout on ten tracks. The dance tracks were a combination of extremely fast, high impact moves and slower, more strength-building exercises. A hot favourite was Muqabla which involved moves with loads of arms swings and twirls. A Zumba track had the women heaving and panting while pop favourite Lal Ghagra had women clapping and twirling. Another song track which had all the women going awww was Makhana which included sweet gestures and soft moves. The cooldown had the entire hall of 700 women calming down and relaxing in the child’s post.

One of the highlights of the event was an extremely pregnant Mahlaqa Shaukat, CEO of AimFit, doing a short track requiring women to do low squats which engage their gluteus muscles and upper legs. She began her track by announcing: “If I can do this workout while being pregnant, so can you. No excuses anyone.”

There was a strong emphasis on safety throughout the workout which is why before each track, the main moves were taught to the participants.

“This was wild,” said Amna Hassan, who had attended the Scaryammi AimFit Danceathon for the very first time. “I have never worked out with such intensity and amongst so many women before.”


The event began right on time at 12 noon with Amna Kardar stepping up on the massive stage and addressing the crowd to hype them up. The Original Scaryammi, Mahlaqa Shaukat and Noor-ul-Hira Shaukat joined Amna Kardar on stage for a short tete a tete where Ayesha Nasir promised to be fit enough by Danceathon 3.0 to join the instructors on stage.

After that, about ten instructors took their positions on the stage as everyone else in the crowd began taking their own. The management had already marked Xs on the ground so it was easier for women to find their spots.

“Being a part of such an energetic crowd was an unbelievable experience as there was a unified vibe all throughout the hall,” said Shanzay Nazir, 21, as she stepped out of the hall along with everyone else.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” said Uzma Javed, clutching her sides as she stepped out of the workout area. “This was unbelievable and I am so so tired but so happy that I came.”


A nutritious hi-tea comprising of shawermas, sandwiches and pizzas were arranged for the ladies after the workout and everyone enjoyed it to the fullest. Post the workout there were activities at various stalls including a GharPar stall, a spot for instant photos and a few other entrepreneurial stalls.

The event was sponsored by Nestle Purelife Active Water, GharPar with Nishat as the venue partner.

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    The most thrilling event.. those vibes… energy level of the crowd.. gives me goosebumps!!!
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