The virus has us all panicking since the beginning of this year. Staying home, not going out unless extremely necessary, working online and what not? We have been seeing the situation from one side the coin and we often forget what is happening on the other side. People who are fighting it (medical staff), people who have had their close ones fall prey to it and the ones who themselves have had the first-hand experience with it.

Nadia started getting symptoms of coronavirus after five days of feeling a little under the weather. It all started with a little itchy throat and simple flu but after a few days, she started to have trouble breathing.

“I realised I was infected after five days of being sick – when respiratory problems started”, she said

It was at that moment that she realised that she may have caught the virus. When following all the precautions stated by the authorities, most people believe that something like this is very unlikely to happen to them. So, when they come to the realisation that they are indeed a p, it is obviously difficult for them. But being responsible as one should be during this situation, Nadia decided to self-quarantine in her house immediately.

“Then I went into self-quarantine in my own home. And Alhamdulillah, none of my family members caught it from me,” stated Nadia.

She then got herself tested when she felt she was in need of medical care. Waiting patiently for the test reports, she continued her self-isolation. She was aware that she had caught it but her reports had to come out first in order for her to receive proper medical aid.

“And when the result came positive they immediately took me to the hospital.”

About the symptoms, she told how she had everything from a scratchy throat to respiratory problems. “Symptoms were scratchy throat, flu, dry cough, fever, body aches, and finally respiratory problems with lots of cough as the virus had entered my lungs,” she stated. Later, when she was taken to the hospital, Nadia mentioned how the facilities there were very satisfactory.

“The hospital was excellent. The staff at the hospital were courteous and caring. The duty they are carrying out is very tough because they can’t even go to the bathroom while wearing those protective gears. Can you imagine how difficult would that be?”

Nadia is extremely thankful to all the doctors around the world for the job they are carrying out. Because even if they are not the victim, they are at risk of becoming one every minute they are interacting with their patients. “They are the real heroes of our country. I want their kindness and services to be awarded,” she says.

Thankfully, Nadia has recovered and has returned to her home after 20 days of staying quarantined in the hospital. She has to self-isolate for 14 days so the risk of being reinfected can be ruled out. Hopefully, she stays safe and gains back her strength soon enough. Keep praying for her and others that are suffering. Stay home, stay safe.


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  • sadia says:

    it is very informative article especially for those who think Corona is a DRAMA not the reality. this will help the people in realizing the fact and motivate them to take extra measures against COVID19.

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