A case was reported towards the end of April regarding a mother in Karachi who was tested positive for COVID-19 but delivered a completely healthy baby. A somewhat similar case has been reported yet again in Karachi.

The mother delivered a completely healthy baby boy who was tested negative for coronavirus according to what the officials have said. The woman is 35-year-old who tested positive for the virus a week back after a few of her symptoms matched that of the virus. Special arrangements were made at the Dow University of Health Sciences to deliver the baby through the scheduled C-section.

The baby was at a healthy weight and both him and his mother are reported to be in good condition. His samples were immediately taken to test for the possible infection. But much to everyone’s relief, the virus did not catch on to the baby from his mother. Further blood samples of the baby have also been taken to test for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies. For now, both the mother and baby were told to be in a stable condition. The infection was also not passed to anyone from the woman’s family.

The woman who had a similar case was also sent home with a healthy baby. These two cases are pretty impressive as some doctors over the world mentioned how mothers can transmit the virus to their babies at the time of birth. Some such cases were reported in China where the virus was indeed passed on to the baby. We hope that the mother and the baby remain safe and this news remains to stay positive when such positivity is quite hard to find during these times.

To all the pregnant ladies out there, keep consulting your doctors online and keep following all the necessary preventive measures. Take care of yourself. Stay home, stay safe.


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